There are various techniques club scan utilise to promote their club or event. Below is a brief outline of different initiatives that clubs can implement to increase attendance to their club or event.

  • School newsletters

  • Go and speak/demo at school assemblies asking kids if they are interested

  • Share Social Media from BMX Australia via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube

  • Sending a press release to the local paper/local TV

  • Advertising in the local paper

  • Putting up posters in your local bike shop

  • Having a stall in your local shopping centre to showcase your club



Public Relations is a great way to inform the public about your club and events without having to pay for any advertising or marketing. 


This is a cheap and easy way to promote your club and events by working with journalists from newspapers, radio and local TV stations. Because journalists are time poor and want to spend as less as time possible researching stories you can call them and pitch a story idea about a local rider or your club event.

One way to do this is to write a press release. A press release is usually a brief one page story on what you want to communicate to your local community.

Get to know the journalist at your local paper and have a good relationship with them.




​Funding applications are a way for your club to receive money from the local council, government or funding program for specific initiatives. There are regular funding programs available in each State/Territory which are usually conducted in rounds. Funding can assist to help clubs grow, support sport and recreation at the grass roots level, improve facilities, promote participation in sport and physical activity and provide a focal point for community building and engagement. Most funding programs are aimed towards not-for-profit community organisations with specific criteria that must to be met.

Although specific criteria may vary with each funding program, all funding applications require similar types of information:


  • Contact information

  • The program/project description

  • A brief description of the club applying

  • The program/project budget

  • The amount of assistance being applied for

  • All other sources of funding for the project

  • How the applicant’s club meets the grant criteria

  • A guarantee that the program will proceed and monies received will be spent on the purpose the money was given

  • Copies of the latest annual report and a copy of the audited accounts *if applicable



Sponsorship for your club assists with promotional items for giveaways and funding for promoting a sponsor’s company by ways of signage around the track or logos included on event entry forms/booklets.

Companies like to find new ways to differentiate themselves against their competitors and increase brand awareness amongst their target audience, specifically through charitable work or community clubs/activities. 

Clubs could sell naming rights for their participation event ie [INSERT SPONSORS NAME] National Sign On Day at [INSERT BMX CLUB] or [INSERT SPONSORS NAME] Club Championships at [INSERT BMX CLUB], which then the sponsor provides promotional items or funding in return.

When requesting sponsorship, be sure to make a sponsorship proposal outlining what benefits the sponsors will obtain from promoting the event. Such benefits include: increasing brand loyalty, brand differentiation, awareness and visibility, highlighting corporate social responsibility (ie enhances a company’s credibility) and client entertainment.

Local bike shops, butchers, bakeries, car dealers, building companies, plumbers and confectionery companies are a great place to start.