Participation days are events held by BMX Australia affiliated clubs as part of membership initiatives (membership drives) for attracting non-members to the sport of BMX.


Any member from the general public can attend the BMX event and try the sport of BMX free of charge. Riders are covered under BMX Australia’s insurance, as long as the club has applied to hold the event through BMX Australia and filled out the appropriate paperwork (Application form, Attendance List, each participant's Assumption of Risk form). If relevant paperwork is not sent to BMX Australia then the cost to the club will be $100.


Increasing the number of members and participants in our sport is of key importance to our success. Our strength, as well as our diversity and impact of our initiatives / events, is a result of the number of members that contribute and actively participate in our sport.

More members equals:

  • Membership revenue

  • Volunteers to assist the club

  • Spectators

  • Greater funding pulling power

  • Potential Sponsorships

  • Raising the profile of the Club

  • Greater awareness of sport in the local area

  • Keeping kids off the street

  • Community approach to the sport



Statistics from your club’s membership, events and participation days can be extremely helpful when applying for funding or sponsorship. Documented information can be attached to funding and sponsorship applications to paint a picture of the club.

Local councils and governments are always interested in boosting their economy through tourism. A key example is holding large State or National events like the State Titles, National Series or National Championships.

The companies who you approach for sponsorship want to find out how many people they can potentially reach to promote their brand. This in turn will provide benefits to club members and help build a relationship between sponsors and clubs for further negotiations on sponsorship opportunities.

For more information see the Marketing section under Club Management in the Development tab.





National Sign On Day is a national campaign organised by BMX Australia for three week

ends in February each year. The aim of the campaign is to reach people Australia wide who haven’t seen or experienced BMX before and hopefully have them involved with the sport in the future.

BMX Australia invests in TV commercials, social media and promotional give aways during the lead up to National Sign On Day to better publicise the event and direct interest to clubs. As a club, you play a key role in the success of this campaign and the future of memberships for your club.



Come & Try Days are held by the club all year at a time and date that suits the club. There are no limits as to how many Come & Try Days a club can hold and we recommend that you hold 4 per year. Some clubs hold Come & Try days the weekend after a large event like their State Titles.

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Below are a few suggestions to assist clubs in running a successful campaign and getting information out to the public.

  • Nominate a Coordinator for your club. This will help avoid double handling and also give States and BMX Australia a direct contact person.

  • Make sure all Coaches and Officials accreditations and BMX Australia memberships are valid.

  • Encourage your current members to bring friends and family along to try out the sport.

  • Involve some of your club’s riders in the day, they can partake in demonstrations as well as provide assistance with administration requirements.

  • The club could run a race meeting before or after the event to showcase what the sport is about.


Approximately one week before you intend to run a participation day;

  • Prepare give away show bags for participants including as much information about your club as possible.

  • Confirm all helpers for the day.

  • Have marker cones and coaching equipment ready.

  • Make sure First Aid kits are topped up and everything is in date.

  • Contact BMX Australia with any last minute questions.

  • Have a briefing for all helpers involved at the start of the day to confirm everyone is fully informed about what is going to happen during the day.

  • Make sure details are taken for each participant. This will enable the club to build a database for future participation events, as well as help to complete attendance lists of riders who participated which MUST be provided to BMX Australia.

  • Make sure track conditions are safe and suitable for riding.

  • Provide enough shade for riders and spectators to be comfortable.

  • Ensure all people involved in the day are well presented and friendly. Remember, this is the first time many people have been involved in the sport so you want to give the kids, parents or older riders a good impression.



  • Start early with local advertising: newspaper, schools, council ‘Whats on guide’, community noticeboards, bike shops, shopping centres, banners.

  • There is a lot of leg work involved in getting information out to the community, but once it is all set up next year is a little easier.

  • Ask your experienced riders to wear club uniform and have them talking/explaining the sport to the children then provide a racing demonstration.

  • Don’t forget the parents! Engage parents and provide information on what is happening.

  • Remind participants to wear the correct clothing (long pants, long sleeve shirt etc).

  • Try to round up spare equipment – helmets, gloves, bikes for potential new members to borrow on the day.

  • Hold a basic bike maintenance workshop.

  • Have your local bike shop come and bring a bike in each size that riders could try.

  • Ask the local bike shop for discount cards for people who participate.

  • Promote the sport as a family fun day with a friendly atmosphere.

  • Have coaching sessions between 9am-12noon in age groups then finish with a sausage sizzle for lunch.

  • Try to get local Junior Elite, Elite or Olympians to attend the club’s participation day.

  • Have a structure/format for the day.

  • Have information on your club website or Facebook page for the best contact.

  • Don’t stress, the people who come on the day are there to have fun.


Frequently Asked Questions


If our club does not have an accredited coach can we still hold a participation day?

Yes, if your club does not have an accredited coach you can contact your state office for a full list of coaches and ask a coach from another club to attend. If your club is interested in getting a committee member accredited as a coach, also contact your state office regarding possible training opportunities. You can also still hold a participation day without a coach, but showcase the club and the sport without new members actually getting on the track and being coached. Riders from your club can provide demonstrations, information can be handed out and a sausage sizzle put on, making it into more of a social event.


What are the First Aid requirements?

Clubs are required to have at least one person who holds a First Aid certificate in attendance on your participation day. Please note that all accredited coaches are required to have a first aid certificate.


What do participants have to bring along?

Participants can ride on any 20” or 24” bike. Officials and Coaches must do a check of the bikes before they are allowed on the track.

For safety reasons all participants must have a full face helmet, long pants and long sleeve tops. They must also wear gloves, flat soled shoes and socks that cover their ankles. Having second hand equipment is a great way to encourage your local community to participate.


How many people can we expect to attend?

The number of people attending a participation day varies per club. The clubs that have had the most success are those that put as much information out to their target market as possible.


Is the club required to purchase insurance?

BMX Australia provide free insurance for clubs who hold participation days on the proviso that clubs return all paperwork (Application form, Attendance List, each participant's Assumption of Risk form). A $100 invoice will be sent to clubs for the insurance component if paperwork is not completed and returned.