BMX Australia's Coach Education Program

BMX Australia's Coach Education Program aims to educate, assist and develop coaches at all levels, in all disciplines (racing and freestyle) so that they can fully support the nurturing and development of their riders. More information regarding this can be found on the BMX Australia website.

It is important to realise that BMX Australia require ALL coaches to have a Working with Children (WWC) Check and First Aid Qualification.  You may undertake a Coaching qualification but will not be permitted to be a coach until these requirements have been satisfied.  In Victoria the Working with Children checks are overseen by the Victorian Department of Justice.


Victorian Working With Children (WWC) Checks

Under Victorian law all people working with children under the age of 18 years are required to have a Working With Children check.  The Working with Children (WWC) Check helps protect children from physical and sexual harm. It does this by screening people’s criminal records and professional conduct, and by preventing those who pose an unjustifiable risk to children from working with or caring for them.  Passing a WWC Check is a legal requirement for everyone in Victoria doing paid or voluntary child-related work who doesn’t qualify for an exemption. The WWC Check does not seek to regulate the private relationships of family and friends – only the contact a child has with someone doing child-related work.

You can apply for a check online - Click here to apply online for a check.  Please note that anyone undertaking a voluntary role at the club which most Coaches do then your check will be at no cost as long as you nominate the Club that you are undertaking your Coaching at predominately.


BMX Victoria - Coaching Structure

A new coaching structure has been developed that provides clearer development pathways from club level to national level and aligns with BMX Australia’s national pathway and BMX Victoria Strategic Plan. 

BMX Victoria - State Team and State Coaching Structure

This will show you the structure of the BMX Victoria State Coaching and State Team Structure (Incorporating Regional High Performance Athlete Development)  Click here to view the structure.

BMX Victoria - Accredited Coaches

This is a list of all Victorian Coaches and their accreditation level. Coaches who have their details appearing in read have an issue with First Aid Certificate being out of date, BMX Membership expired or Coaching Accreditation expired. They should not continue coaching until these matter have been addressed. 

For an updated list of all accredited coaches in Victoria and across Australia - Click Here