As Victoria's peak body for BMX with over 1,400 members we've made real progress in growing our sport and that is where you can join our numbers and enjoy our great sport.  When you become a member you get the following benefits:

When you wish to become a member of BMX you are actually signing up for a BMX Australia membership which has a BMX Victoria component plus your local club component.  Therefor you pay the one price and the split takes place to all these levels once you have made your online transaction.


BMX Mini Wheelers Membership

$50.45 (plus online registration fee - 4%)

BMX Mini Wheelers is an introductory level where riders develop balance, gross motor skills and independence to begin riding a bike. Riders will be able to develop skills that allows their progression in the sport to become seamless as they progress on to the more traditional BMX bike at 5 years of age.

Sprocket Rocket Membership


$152.30 (plus online registration fee - 4%)

Sprocket Rocket membership is for any rider under the age of 8. The Sprocket Rocket program is a participation based program, taking the focus from competition to skill based learning programs. This allows children under the age of 8 the opportunity to tune their BMX racing skills in a fun non-competitive environment.

Riders who are 7 years of age will be issued with a sprocket licence initially, and if they turn 8 during their sprocket membership they will be reissued an open licence which reflects their new age of 8. 

Club Membership


$134.00 (plus online registration fee - 4%)

This membership allows a rider to compete at their own club. You will NOT be able to compete at any other club or other clubs carnivals. You will also be unable to compete at open events held at your own club.

Open Membership


$158.40 (plus online registration fee - 4%)

An open membership allows you to ride at any club in Australia, including club carnivals and events.

4 Month Membership $40.60 (plus online registration fee - 4%)

A new 4 month licence is being introduced by BMX Australia to replace the existing 3 ride permit. The aim of this introductory licence is to allow new riders unlimited access to try BMX for 4 months before joining the sport permanently. The licence is aimed at riders to try BMX at a beginner club level. The below guidelines provide further information on the licence:

  • This licence is an open licence and therefore members can ride at club and state level, however will not be eligible to ride at State Titles and National events;

  • Following the 4 month introductory period the member is then eligible to become a full member (only Open or Sprocket, NOT club) and they will receive a $20 discount off the cost of their full licence;

  • Only new members can apply for this licence (no renewals);

  • Riders will be issued with a membership card;

  • This licence is only allowed to be purchased once by the member.

Other available options:

Add Value Membership $60


MTBA/CA members submit a completed Add Value Membership Form direct to BMXA together with a photocopy of their current MTBA/CA license (must have least 3 months validity remaining on their primary membership) and pay $60 to BMXA. Click here to open Add Value Membership form.


Membership upgrade $24

Members can upgrade from a Club Membership to an Open Membership.

Club Transfer

At any stage a rider can transfer to a different club within Australia for free. 

*Discount for 4 Month License Upgrades  


Online Membership

BMX Australia's Membership is online for members to renew or join.

New Members

New members are invited to visit the Membership section of the website to choose a membership category before joining.

Current Members

Existing members have received login details via email. Existing members can select the "Forgot your password" option on the Existing Member Login page via the link below.

If you need assistance, please call BMX Australia on (02) 9008 1300 or email

Please select one of the options below:


BMX Australia does not take memberships over the phone.


BMX Freestyle membership is for riders who wish to free-ride on a BMX bike at skate parks, local council approved facilities, BMXA sanctioned events and dirt/flat locations.

PLEASE NOTE: A BMX Freestyle membership is for Freestyle only. If you wish to participate in BMX RACING you will need an additional BMXA membership. 

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