BMX Victoria (BMXV) appreciates the assistance of important partners in the development of our sport. These partners are VicHealth and Sport & Recreation Victoria (SRV) .

The Victorian Health Promotion Foundation (VicHealth) is a pioneer in health promotion – the process of enabling people to increase control over and improve their health.

VicHealth creates and funds world-class interventions conducting vital research to advance Victoria’s population health.

VicHealth makes health gains among Victorians by pre-empting and targeting improvements in health across the Victorian population, fostered within the day-to-day spaces where people spend their time, and with benefits to be enjoyed by all.

VicHealth receives core funding from the Department of Health to deliver its objectives as outlined in the Tobacco Act 1987. Additionally, VicHealth periodically receives special funding from various Government agencies to deliver specific programs.

VicHealth's Action Agenda for Health Promotion 2013–2023 focuses on five strategic imperatives with associated goals and three-year priorities.

  • promoting healthy eating

  • encouraging regular physical activity

  • preventing tobacco use

  • preventing harm from alcohol

  • improving mental wellbeing


These priorities are consistent with VicHealth’s obligations under the Tobacco Act 1987. They also align with State Government policy and program directions, and national and international health promotion priorities and policies such as the World Health Organization (WHO) charters and declarations for Health Promotion.

Sport and Recreation Victoria (SRV) is a unit within the Department of Transport, Planning and Local Infrastructure.

Sports and Recreation Victoria maximises the economic and social benefits provided to all Victorians by the sport and recreation sector through:

  • ensuring greater access and opportunities for participation in sport and recreation by all Victorians;

  • maintaining Victoria's reputation as Australia's leading state for sporting and major events;

  • improving the quality of community sport and recreation facilities;

  • strengthening the capacity of sport and recreation organisations;

  • continuing a robust evidence base for activities in the sport and active recreation system; and

  • reinforcing the enriching role that sport and recreation plays in people's lives.


Sport and recreation plays an important part in the lives of individual Victorians and helps shape community identity. Sport and recreation opportunities provide settings for social interaction, sharing common interests and enhancing a sense of community.

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