BMX is a sport for ALL, whether you are two years of age or fifty, you can be involved in this great sport. 

BMX is a sport for the whole family and participation can occur not only in riding but coaching, officiating or administration at a local club. 

BMX Victoria has made a commitment to create a sporting environment which is safe, accessible, inclusive and equitable, in order to support the participation of all in our sport. It is important for Victorian clubs to encourage all aspects of BMX, from junior participation through to leadership at club and state levels.  Here are some great considerations about BMX:

  • BMX is a safe sport


Safety precautions and equipment help make BMX have fewer serious injuries than any other major sport.

  • BMX for ALL


BMX allows for all ages and all levels of ability and experience and both genders, to compete.  BMX Victoria is committed to increasing Women & Girls participation in the sport.

  • BMX is an individual sport


This eliminates Mum and Dad being tied down to a daily practice routine. Family holidays don't threaten eligibility. In fact, you can find tracks anywhere you might travel in Victoria.

  • BMX teaches important values


BMX teaches important values to young people. Through competition, the ideals of fairness and trying ones best are constantly reinforced. Also, BMX teaches riders responsibility, as the cleaning and care of their bike has a direct bearing on their performance.

  • BMX - Creates new Friendships


BMX offers the opportunity for youngsters to meet new friends locally, across the state and nationally. The informal atmosphere that encompasses any race day meet encourages riders and their parents to relax and talk.

BMX participation is encouraged at all Victorian BMX Clubs.  Anyone can attend a Come ‘n’ Try Day or become a 4 Month Member of a club to get a taste of the sport and see that if it is the sport for you!  If you are wishing to purchase equipment to get started please refer to the Get The Right Gear & Get the Right Bike sections of this website.


Is There A Class for Me?

There is a class for every age and skill level, from 5 and Under (Sprocket Rocket) to 55+ year old, Male and Female Classes. So Boys, Girls, Mum’s and Dad’s can all compete in their own age class and skill level at the same venue, at the same time. Once a rider reaches 14 years of age, they may choose to race in a money class. Coaching is available by Accredited Coaches at most Clubs or privately for all ages and genders


BMX Mini Wheelers

Children as young as two can be included in racing and learning basic bike skills.  Following the successful trial and demonstration of the balance bike concept at the 2012 BMX National Championships, BMX Australia opened a new category of participation to children as young as two years old within BMX.  Known as “BMX Mini Wheelers”, participants will be able to ride what is commonly known as balance bikes – bikes with no pedals.


BMX Mini Wheelers is an introductory level where riders develop balance, gross motor skills and independence to begin riding a bike. Riders will be able to develop skills that allows their progression in the sport to become seamless as they progress on to the more traditional BMX bike at five years of age.


BMX Mini Wheelers is the entry point into the sport for riders too young or not competent in progressing to the Sprocket program. After participating as a BMX Mini Wheeler, riders will have become familiar with the BMX track and should be on their way to developing their skills so that the transition to Sprockets is much easier.



  • Mini Wheelers total length including wheels must not exceeded 35” (88.9cm)

  • Mini Wheelers must not have pedals or cranks

  • Pit bikes can be used, but must have cranks removed and not exceed 35 inches 88.9cm.

  • The total diameter of the wheel, inflated tyres included shall not exceed 13” (33.02cm)


BMX Sprocket Rocket


A Sprocket Rocket is any rider between the ages of five and eight years. The Sprocket Rocket program is a participation based program, taking the focus from competition to skill based learning programs. This gives children under the age of eight the opportunity to use their BMX racing skills in a fun non-competitive environment. 


A Sprocket Rocket presents young riders with the opportunity to learn fundamental cycling skills that cater for their size, physical development and interest. Most importantly the program aims to recruit new riders to our sport, raise the profile of BMX and provide a progressive skill program which will develop stronger and better riders in the future.


No matter what age you are there is a BMX option for you.  For more information please contact (03) 8480 3033 or

Victorian BMX Clubs


BMX Clubs operate throughout Metropolitan Melbourne and Country Victoria.  To find out where the nearest club is operating to you go to the Clubs Section.