POLICIES (BMX Victoria & BMX Australia)



1.0 Extreme Weather Policy

BMX Victoria recognises that it has a responsibility to show duty of care to riders, officials, coaches and spectators for the duration of any event held under the banner of BMX Victoria.


2.0 Social Media Policy

This policy document is intended to provide guidance to all BMX Victoria stakeholders while using any form of social media.


3.0 Spectator Behaviour Policy

This policy has been adopted to offer guidance for spectators regarding the way in which they are expected to act, and provide officials with guidance for when dealing with spectators failing to behave appropriately.


4.0 Inclusive Environments Policy

The purpose of this policy is to offer guidance in providing and maintaining inclusive environments.

5.0 Organisational Spokesperson Policy

When distributing information, internally or externally, it is essential for BMXV to convey relevant and accurate information, through clearly outlined communication channels.


6.0 Representative Selection Policy

The purpose of this policy document is to provide clear guidelines and procedures in regards to the selection of athletes for state squad and junior development squad.


7.0 Privacy Policy

This policy document provides guidelines for the use and protection of personal information gathered by BMXV.


8.0 Conflict of Interest Policy

The BMXV Board is committed to high standards of ethical conduct and accordingly places great importance on making clear any existing or potential conflict of interest.

9.0 Volunteer Involvement Policy

This policy shall provide the procedures BMXV requires in order to train and retain its volunteers, and guidance for the way in which they are recognised by the sport.

10.0 Smoke Free Policy

This policy shall be implemented in BMXV clubs & facilities state-wide.

11.0 Cheque Signing Policy

BMXV recognises that an organisation without cheque signing procedures maybe vulnerable to fraud or error.

This policy provides procedures that must be followed in the signing of cheques or making electronic payments on behalf of BMXV.

12.0 Reimbursement Policy

The purpose of this policy is to spell out under what circumstances reimbursement of expenses may occur on behalf of BMX Victoria (BMXV), and the process for doing so. This policy relates to both staff and volunteers acting on authorised BMXV business.

13.0 Sponsorship Policy

The purpose of this policy is to establish the framework and guidelines for the creation of productive partnerships between BMX Victoria and the private sector, i.e. sponsorship alliances with corporations, foundations, individuals and other non-government organisations.

14.0 Delegation of Authority Policy

In line with good governance procedures the Board of BMX Victoria has established general principles under which management operate to ensure that business is carried out in the best interests of all stakeholders with proper sharing of responsibilities between directors and management.


BMX Victoria follows the Play by the Rules program set out by the Commonwealth Government as a set of guidelines to the expected behaviour at sports events and in sports clubs around Australia. This program is one of the most important yet under used resources for BMX Victoria.

The Play by the Rules program is available for all BMX clubs to use. I urge all Club Committee members to take the time to log onto and look around this site.  As well as setting out what is the correct behaviour for all competitors, spectators, officials and parents at sporting events and sports clubs it also outlines what steps clubs can take if they are aware of anyone breaching these guidelines.

BMX Victoria takes the conduct of all persons attending a BMX events in this State seriously. We will not stand by and let anyone in our sport be ridiculed, vilified or abused. 55% of or competitors are under the age of 13, it is important we let them enjoy and have FUN whilst racing in BMX. Our officials are made up of Mums and Dads that volunteer their time to help run race meetings.  It is important that we show them the respect that they deserve, whether we agree with their decisions or not.

BMX is a family sport and it is important that we do not forget this.  All children are influenced by behavioural patterns that they observe.  We should not let this get lost in the pursuit of competition.

Rules - Complaints / Grievance Policy

What do I do if I have a complaint?

BMX Victoria has policies in place outlining the procedures to address complaints and grievances of BMX members.  The first option is to approach the Member Protection Information Officer (MPIO).


The MPIO will:

  • listen to your complaint

  • act as an impartial support person

  • provide information particularly about discrimination, harassment and child abuse

  • provide information about the Member Protection Policies and the options available to resolve the complaint

  • provide information about relevant laws and the right to complain externally

  • discuss possible strategies the you can use to deal directly with the other person

  • Provide contact details for counselling or other referrals as appropriate or as requested

The MPIO does not:

  • advocate

  • take sides or judge

  • give advice

  • intervene

  • investigate

  • breach confidentiality


For more information read BMX Australia's Member Protection Policy.


1.0 - BMX Australia - Anti Doping Policy (Effective January, 2015)

This is the Anti-Doping Policy for the sport of BMX in Australia.  Any references to sporting administration body should be read as references to BMX Australia Limited (BMXA). BMXA's international federation is the International Cycling Union (UCI).


2.0 BMX Australia Member Protection Policy (Updated 7 July, 2017)

This is the Member Protection Policy for the sport of BMX in Australia.  All BMX Victoria's Member Protection areas are covered under this policy.

3.0 BMX Australia - Helmet Policy (Updated December,2017)

This is the policy of Bicycle Motocross Australia (BMXA) that helmets must be worn by members at all times when they are riding a bike.  This policy details the requirements of this policy.



4.0 BMX Australia - Track Guidelines (Updated January, 2015)

This is the policy of Bicycle Motocross Australia (BMXA) surrounding guidelines for tracks right across Australia and Victoria.


5.0 BMX Australia - Disciplinary By Laws (Updated October, 2014)

This is the policy of Bicycle Motocross Australia (BMXA) surrounding any Disciplinary matters.


6.0 BMX Australia - National Policy on Integrity & Gambling

Bicycle MotoCross Australia Incorporated (BMXA) recognises that sport must safeguard against the occurrence of illegal or fraudulent betting and this policy helps ensure this is the case.


7.0 BMX Australia - Start Hill Policy (Updated March 2015)

Adherence to this policy by BMXA Member States and Clubs will ensure training and racing using any start hill which is above the standard 5 metre start hill is conducted safely and in accordance with BMXA recommendations.


8.0 BMX Australia - Lighting Policy

This policy is designed to help members of BMX Australia Ltd (BMXA) (including but not limited to clubs and Member States) understand the minimum lighting requirements that must be met for all sanctioned BMX events. The required standard is designed to afford a safe racing environment for competitors of BMX all levels at non-daylight events.


9.0 BMX Australia - Mini Wheeler Guidelines

Following the successful trial and demonstration of the balance bike concepts at the 2012 BMX Australia National Championships, BMX Australia is excited to open a new category of participation to children as young as 2 years old within the sport of BMX.  BMX Mini Wheeler membership is an open membership and is able to be used at all BMX Victoria member tracks.


10.0 BMX Australia - Concussion Policy (Effective April 2017)

This policy sets out the guiding principles and provides general advice on the management of concussion in the sport of BMX in Australia.


11.0 World Championship Elite Junior Rider Funding Policy (Effective 1st January 2018)

This policy outlines the funding support 'unfunded' Elite/Junior Riders will receive from BMX Australia when representing Australia at the World Championships.


12.0 Event Refund Policy (Effective 1st January 2018)

This policy details what a rider is entitled to when seeking a refund from an event.


13.0 Transponder Hire Policy (Effective 1st January 2018)

This policy outlines BMX Australia's transponder hire guidelines.


14.0 BMXA Qualification to National Championships Policy (Effective 1st January 2018)

This policy outlines the qualification criteria for a rider to enter the National Championships.


15.0 BMXA Club Pump Track Policy (Updated July 2016)

This policy explains what defines a BMX club pump track as well as who and what activities are covered under BMX Australia Insurance provisions. 




Officials code of behaviour



WADA IPhone Application

WADA Prohibited List


UCI (Union Cycliste Internationale) - International body that governs competitive cycling for all disciplines. 


ASADA (Australian Sports Anti Doping Authority) - Is the Australian Government Agency responsible for testing, education and advocacy as well as investigation and enforcement. ASADA also incorporates the functions of the Australian Sports Drug Medical Advisory Committee (ASDMAC)


WADA (World Anti-Doing Agency) Publish and maintains the 'Prohibited List' which is an international standard identifying substances and methods prohibited in-competition, out-of-competition, and in particular sports.