Ride In2BMX is a fun and engaging way to ride BMX as a sport during an  introductory session at your local track. There are more than 110 active BMX clubs in Australia, and throughout the year each hold Ride In2BMX events that are free and fun to attend.

During Ride In2BMX events, participants learn the basics of riding a BMX track from accredited BMX Australia coaches in an encouraging environment. All riders who take to the track are covered by BMX Australia’s rider insurance.

Highlights of Ride In2BMX

  • Perfect for those that want to try riding BMX with a club

  • Teaches the basic skills needed to safely negotiate a track

  • Conducted under the watchful eye of an accredited coach

  • Caters for all ages! We have riders as young as two, through to 65+

  • Basic equipment needed, see list below

  • Riders are covered by BMXA insurance for duration of the event

See the BMX Australia website to find an Ride in2 BMX Event near you.  CLICK HERE

Alternatively contact us at