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As of January 2013 all BMXV Open licence holders competing at major race meetings have been expected to have their own transponder.


ProChip Flex Transponder


Years Subscription
1 Year
- Initial Purchase Price $50.00

(Postage is an additional $13.00)


Subscription Renewal Price
1 Year $36.00

2 Years $61.00
3 Years $121.00



MYLAPS Subscription page

Purchase a ProChip Flex Transponder

You can purchase a ProChip Flex transponder (with a one year subscription) - Click here


Activate your ProChip Flex Transponder


If you transponder has not been activated by BMX Victoria you will need to do so before you can race using the transponder. To activate the transponder you will need to download the management software from MyLaps. The software is called FLEX Manager ProChip Flex and can be downloaded by following the link. A Quick Start Guide comes with the transponder and can be downloaded.

Renew your ProChip Flex Subscription

MyLaps will send a message, to the email address or mobile number entered on activation, reminding you that the subscription needs to be renewed. You subscription can be renewed on the MyLaps website. Once you have paid your renewal you will need to connect the transponder to the FLEX Manager ProChip Flex software and update the subscription details.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • At the end of BMXV FLEX 1 year subscription can I choose different subscription term?

          Yes. 1, 2 or 5 year subscriptions.

  • What happens if the unit breaks or the battery goes flat?

          Send it back to MYLAPS and they will replace it.

  • Can I sell the FLEX unit to someone else?

          Yes. The new owner will need to activate a minimum 1 year subscription.

  • Can I swap it back and forth between 20” and cruiser?

            No (buy two)

  • Can I use the bracket that MYLAPS sell?

          No. The transponder has to be directly mounted to the fork with cable ties.

  • Can I still check my transponder on the mat at races? 


  • What happens if my subscription expires?

          MYLAPS will notify you beforehand so you can renew your subscription in time.

  • Can you share transponders around?


  • Can you own multiple transponders?


  • Is the ProChip FLEX rechargable?

          No, the ProChip FLEX is not rechargable. The battery status can be checked in ProChip FLEX Manager.

  • Where can I download ProChip FLEX manager software?

          You can download the ProChip FLEX manager software here.

  • There are 2 methods:
    How do I know my ProChip FLEX transponder has a valid subscription?

    • Start ProChip FLEX manager software and insert the ProChip FLEX transponder. You can see your subscription status in the lower left part of the screen

    • Shake the transponder for 10 seconds, then place on a flat surface for 5 seconds. You will see 2 blinks, the first blink indicates the subscription status. Red means Inactive and Green means the transponder is Active.